Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tiger killing in the world.

Tiger killing in west Bengal

Sex tonics from tiger's sex organs

This is only a preview of Chinese tiger farms

Mass killing

very cruelty killed tiger

Can you imagine that your family's organs can be eated or can be use in a beauty product or a sex products.
Getting shocked !!!

It can be possible because in this world one country can do this in nearby future!


let's me clear it that how can it possible !!!

1 year ago i found an email. It shows that in japan & china dead baby, human's brain, tiger's penis, tiger's meat and many more type of human's and tiger's organ are fluently eated in restaurants. I shocked because It is already approoved by theirs governments. How can man eat other human. This is really shamefull & disgasting. China are killing tigers in the tiger farms. Most of the farm are closed after by world's animal lover's protest but news agencies are strongly told that it is continue hiddenly. Tigers are killing for many purpose, but most recent purpose are for sex tonic & it's fur and not only chinese people but also america, U.K. and other country's people want to buy tiger sex tonic fluently. So I asked that why we are killing this great animal for our 2 minutes enjoyment ? and also I strongly inform you that any scientist of this world can't proov it that tiger's organs are grow your sex power. So why we are become a foolish from that killers ? Now china government was try to banned internate because anybody can't know their activities. I have some photographs to show you that how can it possible....

If after read this article put link in email and send it to your friend and please help to save this great animal. How can you protest ?

(1) Say no from any tiger product. Its totally fack !!!

(2) If you have any information about killing tigers then go to your nearest police station or any animal lover NGO and help them to arrest that killers.
(3) Join in online tiger saving campaigns.
(4) tell your other friend about it and link this blog in email.

Your every action are important for those poor animal !!!

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